About Us

Meet the Team

Darrell Swanson

Founder & CEO of Yes! Marketing Media, with over forty years of sales and marketing including being an accomplished musician, artist and published author, Darrell brings a lot of experience to the table to create videos that will really work for you.

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Susan Einarsson


Communications Consultant with more than thirty years of experience working in mainstream television networks such as CBC, CTV, CITY TV, etc. plus ten years teaching journalism at western Canada's premiere technology college, Susan has mastered the art of communicating. Her understanding of communicating your story will bring a level of professionalism and effectiveness to your audience that is needed to get your message out.

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Our Approach

We believe in creating video for your needs is one of the mainstays in bringing you face to face with your clients. Nowadays, videos can be easily made on any device, BUT, effective, industry crafted videos is an art, just as story telling is an art and telling YOUR story effectively is what we are all about.

Our Story

When Darrell and Susan found out that each other wanted to work in the exciting world of media marketing, it was an instant attraction.